Celts were Fair, Sophisticated, and Civilized

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays, where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

Below is the final part of Terry Jones’ series on the Ancient Celts. If you’re just  jumpin’ in, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Ok, kiddies, I’ve got to go finish packing…watch this and then tell me what you think!

So talk to me. Pretty interesting stuff, eh? Boadicea is the perfect example of a Celtic woman! I think the Druids are one of the most fascinating aspects of Celtic culture.

Now, don’t be shy ~ I didn’t get many comments last time. Speak up! Where are my history buffs? Where are my Celtic fans?  Did you enjoy this series? Are there other things you would like to see here? What about Celtic history interests you?


6 thoughts on “Celts were Fair, Sophisticated, and Civilized

  1. Kate, it looks great. I’m planning to get to a spot where I can listen to it soon. And I’ll be looking for the first three installments, too. The Celts were a fascinating people. Thanks for the post.

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