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Celtic blood runs through my veins. I was born near the Winter Solstice, a time of year when ancient Celts celebrated winter’s end and the rebirth of the sun. Just as the sun gives life, I, too, give life to my characters by weaving them into stories that withstand the test of time.

Like the cycles of seasons, I am constantly growing, always renewing. Each of my stories is as unique as I am, and as different as the ever-changing elements.

Through the power of my imagination, I can create entire worlds. Knights on white steeds, maidens to rescue, villains to vanquish, lands to conquer, and discoveries to be made. Never one to limit myself, I also have a deep interest in the other worlds and dimensions around us. I have learned spell-casting from witches, been granted wishes by faeries, and have locked wits with a goblin and lived to tell the tale! I’ve been guided by spirits, visited by ghosts, and even haunted by a daemon or two. I have seen through the veil between worlds, and been mesmerized.

From the Picts, to the Druids, to Boudicca and King Arthur, history and legends have held me captive. Now it’s time to share the enchantment. Prepare to cross over, and don’t expect to return any time soon.


10 thoughts on “Learn About Me

  1. Thanks for this great post Kate. Celtic peoples stir my imagination as well as thrum my heart. My ancestors immigrated from Scotland and Wales. Your post will go in my research pile.

  2. Loved this post Kate. I feel such a connection with the Celts. In my novels, there is always that thread weaving though even though my characters are modern day Americans. Like me, they embrace and treasure their celtic roots. it’s wonderful to find a like-minded writer.

  3. you have such a way with words! oh and i’d def. get that tattoo. i have 2 and am getting another one in maybe a month or so 🙂

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