Celts were…Barbarians??

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays, where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

Below is part one of a four-part series on The Ancient Celts, hosted by Terry Jones. In this first installment, Terry talks about how the Romans vilified the Celts, and scorned them, saying they were nothing more than unwashed, illiterate savages.

Yet…they humiliated the Romans during the Siege of 389 b.c.e...

Not to mention they created a solar/lunar calculator. Not bad for a bunch of illiterate heathens, eh?

The video cuts off during the explanation of the Coligny Calendar, but I’ve included a handy little link here so you can read more about. Stay tuned, next week we’ll explore part 2 and see the rest of the explanation of the Coligny Calendar 🙂

So talk to me. What did you think of this first installation of The Ancient Celts? Did you know that the Celts created the Colony Calendar? “History is written by the victor” is never more true than when talking about ancient Romans versus ancient Celts…did you know just how much Caesar influenced the rest of the world in belittling of the proud, progressive culture of the Celts?


18 thoughts on “Celts were…Barbarians??

  1. Darn Romans, LOL. I think I mentioned it on another of your posts but the Celtic empire was larger than the Roman at one point. So stick that in your hat Caesar and smoke it 😀

    I do wish we had a more neutral view of the Celts. Being of Scottish ancestry I tend to error on the side of the Celts were awesome. Love these posts Kate!

  2. Actually, after reading Julius Caesar’s “The Conquest of Gaul”, I found that he had a lot of respect for the Celts. Many tribes were loyal allies to him and his forces. After reading his account, which is the oldest intact account from that period where the Celts are documented, I found new insights about both sides. There was a lot going on back then that was far more advanced than we in this era think of. It’s a great read for any who haven’t read it

    1. I should point out, however, that Caesar was known for twisting facts to suit his own purposes (which is the name of the game in politics, eh?), and “The Conquest of Gaul” is quoted as being, “…a piece of political propaganda, as Caesar sets down his version of events for the Roman public, knowing that he faces civil war on his return to Rome.” ~ Emphasis added ~

  3. Wow! I always learn something new when I come here Kate, great post. I have not heard of the Coligny Calendar. You had me opening up Google. LOL I can’t wait to read more on this series.

    PS, I love your blog, it’s really beautiful 🙂

  4. Love the post.
    When the victor writes the history, it’s skewed.
    Caesar wanted his armies to think they were doing the world a favor by destroying barbaric people.
    It served his political agenda.

    And there is always an agenda.

  5. What a super post, Kate. I missed that particular series–thanks for including it. I hadn’t known of the Celtic calendar, either, so I’m looking forward to an explanation next time. I have a bit of Scots, Irish, and English, as well.

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