You Have GOT To See This!

Welcome to Rudan Thursdays where we talk about…things! Anything from books and movies, to blog posts and authors, to food and drink.

While I’m surrounding by boxes and chaos, I thought I’d share this bit of fun with you all… Enjoy!

So talk to me. What did you think…pretty funny eh? Gotta love his passion..

psst! Author spotlight coming soon…more information to come! 

5 thoughts on “You Have GOT To See This!

  1. First of all, that was fantastic. Secondly, I totally commend him for remembering all those words, let alone remembering them while in that state. And, you know what? That song was strangely relevant to his situation. LOL I bet police officers have the best stories. I wonder if that one was laughing the whole ride to the station?

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