Celts were…Master Craftsmen and Engineers?!

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays, where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

As promised, below is Part 2 of Terry Jones’ series on Ancient Celts.

If you thought the Coligny Calendar was interesting, wait ‘til you find out about the Celtic town of Bibracte, which clearly demonstrates the Celts’ sophistication and wealth, and the Celtic roadway, Corlea Trackway, which predates Roman road building!

Hm…guess Caesar and his buddies weren’t the first road builders after all…

Stay tuned…we’ll check out Part 3 is next week 🙂

So talk to me. What did you think of the second installment of The Ancient Celts? How ‘bout that Colony Calendar, eh? I had no idea that the Roman calendar had been so inaccurate!

Did you know that the Celts had such sophisticated towns, with two-storey buildings and even a ‘Main Street’ running right through the heart of them?

I am blown away by the discovery of the road in Kenagh, County Longford in Ireland! Did you know that the Celts in Germany had constructed the exact same thing and had been using it at the exact same time? The Celts engineering and technology really was on an international scale!


9 thoughts on “Celts were…Master Craftsmen and Engineers?!

  1. Love that you’re doing this series! It is all so fascinating…even if I am bias 🙂

    Ref: the calendar
    I’m inclined to go with, “he didn’t know what he was talking about,” LOL

    I remember visiting Bath on a trip to the UK and the tour guide went on and on about how the Romans did this or that and were the most civilized culture of the time. I didn’t have the facts then that I do now so didn’t say anything but I remember a lot of eye rolling even while impressed with the baths themselves.

    Ah-ha…so the Irish and Scottish love of drink goes back centuries. Not sure if that’s comforting…

    1. I’m inclined to go with that one too 😛

      Yep, the inclination for beautiful clothes and drinking the night away comes naturally to us! I guess there’s no question as to what we’ll be doing this weekend.. 😛

  2. This series is very interesting. I love history and we are reading books this year in the ancient times so your research is fascinating and very timely for me.

  3. Hi Kate – I’ll have to come back and view the video. I’m doing a massive download and the video is only playing in bits and pieces. grrrr. I love history, so I’m always interested in learning more. What I did see (about the calendars) was fascinating. Plan to be back!

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