Celtic Faeries ~ No Tinks Here

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays, where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

**Before we get started, let me first provide you with a list of common spellings for the magical and mystical beings we are discussing today: faerie, fairy, fayerie, feirie, feyrie, ferie, pherie, pharie, etc.! I, personally, prefer “faerie” so we’ll go with that.

Ok, moving right along…

When we think of faeries, many of us think of the cute little fluttery beings that look like miniature humans with gossamer wings.

…and in the world of Disney, they are.

However, lurking in the shadows and hiding in plain sight are the daoine sìth, the faery people.


The Gaelic Celts believe the daoine sìth to be their deities lost in the mists of time, and the advent of Christianity.



The daoine sìth can be cute and sparkly, or they can be monstrous and horrifying. They can be mischievous, or evil, or they can be good and helpful. Sometimes it depends on how you treat them, sometimes it’s just ‘cause they feel like it.

They may be small, they may be the same size as human beings, or they may decide to change their shape at will.


Many believe the faeries are all around us. They could be your neighbor, they could live among the flowers in your backyard, or they could even appear to you in your dreams.

So talk to me. What do you think? Do you believe in faeries?


21 thoughts on “Celtic Faeries ~ No Tinks Here

  1. Gorgeous picture choices. While I appreciate the simple power of a Disney story, I can’t say I’m all that fond of “disneyfied” characters. Not all faeries are sweet and kind and noble, some are dark and malicious, tricksters or capricious sprites. The mixture is what gives the power. Great post, Kate 🙂

  2. I’ve always preferred the spelling “faeries” as well, but I almost never see it written that way. Is it the British way to spell it? Just curious? Great pictures!

  3. That’s my favorite spelling as well. I hadn’t read many novels with faeries until recently. Seems to be more of them or maybe I’m just noticing them. Whichever it may be I’m definitely enjoying them. 🙂

  4. I love the fae 🙂 as long as I stay on their good side! Fabulous post Kate. I agree on the spelling though I tend to use fairy with the wee beasties as that’s what they are used to here in the states.

  5. Enjoyed the post Kate. Although I have watched my fair share of Tink movie with my daughter I prefer the original stories of fae, both light and dark. I also like it when you use the older spelling of the word. 😀

  6. I totally believe in faeries! I have several kinds of faeries in my novel, some are sweet and helpful, others not so much. I like to think we have faeries all around us, but we can’t see them all the time.

  7. Oh, I believe absolutely. At my house there is a place down by the creek that I felt was a faerie glen. Never saw any, but the energy was very much there. I’m still trying to figure out how to vibrate at their frequency. Just one glimpse is all I ask…

      1. I’m going to see my friend this afternoon who actually can see faeries. I’m going to pick his brain. Actually, he sees a lot of things. Totally wild. Talk about being in tune with the universal forces…

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