Finding Balance

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Merriam-Webster defines Balance as, “mental and emotional steadiness; to bring into harmony or proportion.”

Yeah. I so don’t have that.  😐

Some of you may have noticed that Tuesday’s post was the first one up in over a month.  This is because I finally reached the breaking point.  The point where, if something didn’t change—immediately—then the walls holding up my sanity, that had been thus far crumbling here and there, would fall and smash into so much rubble.

While I’m busy prioritizing my life, and figuring out how to keep the balls in the air, please excuse my absences. I’ll get it together eventually.  😛

So talk to me. Do you have balance in your life? How do you deal with the pressures of career vs. family? What do you do to unwind?

18 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Kate, sorry you’re having a tough time. Balance is difficult for most of us. The difference between us all is what exactly we’re balancing. I hope you gain balance and peace soon. Seek out your sistas if need be!

    1. Hi Marcia! I’m doing MUCH better now ~ bringing things into focus. Figuring out what’s important and what isn’t. My Sistas are what helped me get here…don’t know what I would do without you guys! *HUGS*

  2. It’s a constant juggling act. DH has a rotating work schedule so not set “schedule” for me will work. When things get too hectic, I tend to sing. At the top of my lungs. If that doesn’t work, I go outside for a walk and try to clear my head. Another thing that sometimes helps is making a list of things that need to be done – something as small as making dinner. Once its done, there’s a big black mark through it and the list gets smaller and smaller. A visual aid to help see that things are progressing and being taken care of.

    Good luck finding your balance Kate!

  3. Some days are better than others 🙂 Calendars and lists go a long way toward helping. Family always comes first, I fit the rest in where I find time. The FlyLady’s motto of “You can do anything for 15 minutes” is often the difference between keeping all the balls in the air and going insane. I’m already trying to figure out how to juggle the summer with the four wee beasties out of school plus a nephew visiting!

    Unwinding, what’s that again?! LOL.

    Baby steps. Wishing you balance Kate!

  4. My family life do have balance, but the writing career… not so much. Even though I’ve been working a lot, it seems the To Do list only gets longer.
    I hope you find balance–and tell us the secret afterward 🙂

  5. Balance? Balance, schmalance. Somedays I rock the balance and others it’s like a see-saw and I’m not sure if I’m up or down. Do what you can, know that we are here for you whenever you can get back and like Marcia said, reach out to your sistas if you need us. We love you and will always be there to help!

  6. It sounds like you are getting things in order, Kate! You’ll know you are there when you get there! In the meantime, as Tameri says, the sistas (and bros) are here when you need us. *You just call out our names, and you know wherever we are, we’ll come running …*

  7. Just spent the weekend wandering around Edinburgh and then to Glasgow for the Scottish Cup Final. surrounded by 50,000 baying Scots – for some surrela reaon it was truly calming! I’d recommend it to anyone.

  8. I’m about to fall over actually so I don’t have any tips to offer about balance 🙂 I’m working on it. I think the biggest thing for me is going to be taking some balls out of the air so I don’t drop the really important ones (or have them fall on my head and knock me out completely).

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