The Goddess

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays, where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

The cornerstone of the Celts’ way of life is the belief in The Goddess, or the Great Mother. The Goddess is, essentially, the land. The mountains are her breasts, the hills her belly, the vales and ravines her secret places, and the rivers her blood. She holds the secrets of life and death, of fertility and regeneration. She can age and renew herself with the changing seasons.

The Celts believe in the power of three. It is never more evident than in The Goddess herself. She has been worshipped as a triple deity since the beginning. Maiden, Mother and Crone, her faces mirror the seasons and humanity itself.

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Maiden represents spring, and youth and puberty. This is the time of fresh beginnings, of innocence and discovery. She symbolizes the repeating cycle of birth and rebirth, the waxing moon and the crescent moon, enchantment and seduction. Her traditional color is white.

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Mother represents summer, and adulthood. This is the time of active creation. As Mother, The Goddess symbolizes blazing noon, reproduction and fertility, the ripeness of life, the full moon and the high point in all cycles. Her traditional color is red.

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Crone represents winter, and old age. This is the time of death and the end of cycles. Here, The Goddess symbolizes the night, the time when life rests before rebirth, the waning moon and the new moon, and the deepest mysteries and prophecies. Her traditional color is black.

Balance is key to all things in life, and The Goddess would not be complete without The God. Next week I will introduce you to the Green Man.

So talk to me. What are your thoughts on The Goddess? Have you read or heard stories about her? I find the parallels between the Celts’ description of The Goddess and the natural world fascinating, what about you?


18 thoughts on “The Goddess

  1. I love this post and think we can learn so much from studying the history of beliefs. Your pictures of the Goddess are stunning.

    Her similarity to Mother Nature is uncanny. I guess it just goes to show you that no matter what our spiritual beliefs, they are all bound by the same ebb and flow of life.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful and rish ideas. I love the visuals it calls to mind. All new stuff for me so thank you so much for sharing. I love it! Feels like I am transported to a different world!

  3. I love Celtic mythology, and have heard this story. The Morrigan or Moirae, I think, also tend to appear as three women. It’s similar to the three fates of Greek mythology, as well as their aspects of youth, middle age and crone.
    The pics are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say about the Green Man!

    1. Great question, Rachel! Morrigan was a warrior goddess in Celtic mythology, while Pandora – according to Greek mythology – was the first woman, created by each one of the Greek Gods. Not really similar at all, turns out…although there are many similarities between the different mythological gods and goddesses, almost as if they were once real, only called by different names by the different cultures. Very interesting, no?

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