I’ve got more Sherbrooke’s for you!

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I was supposed to have introduced these next Sherbrooke books to you last week, but decided to talk about myself instead 🙂

For those that didn’t catch it, or would like a refresher, check out my earlier post on the first part of Catherine Coulter’s outstanding series here.

Now then, let’s get back to those Sherbrookes!

Winifrede Levering’s stepfather tries to force her to marry an evil old man for his own nefarious purposes, but she doesn’t stick around to help him out! She disguises herself as a valet and travels with Grayson St. Cyre’s spinster Aunts in order to escape the trap. She plans on running away for good via one of Grayson’s horses, but he catches her in the act…what follows is a hilarious romp through England, with lots of fun twists and turns along the way. This is easily one of my all-time favorites!

This story has it all: a treasure hunt, a bossy, strong-willed Heroine and a womanizing Hero. A plot we’ve heard of before, yes, but one not told quite this way. Helen Mayberry was first introduced in Mad Jack and Spenser Heatherington is back, we met him in The Sherbrooke Bride, book no. 1. This funny, magical adventure is their story…and what a story it is!

We first met Tysen Sherbrooke in book one, The Sherbrooke Bride. Now it’s his turn. Tysen, a vicar, has lost his first wife, has three children, and finds out he is the proud new owner of a Scottish castle…in a land where he’s considered a filthy Sassenach. Amidst a less than warm welcome, Tysen meets Mary Rose, the Local Bastard. This story has all the humor and wit we’ve come to expect, plus a really great romance.

The Scottish Bride is technically the fourth book in the Bride series, but the story-lines in Mad Jack and The Courtship both begin four years before Tysen’s story. A bit confusing, I know.

The Bride series is actually a fairly long series, 10 books total, with another coming out in the fall. I’ll give you time to get through these next three before moving on to the final four. And remember to mark your calendars; the latest Sherbrooke novel scheduled to release this November is Prince of Ravenscar. I can’t wait!

Check out Catherine Coulter’s entire works here.

So talk to me! Who is your favorite author? When genres do you prefer to read? Is there a series that you just had to buy every book to, and will read over and over again? Let me know, I’m dying to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “I’ve got more Sherbrooke’s for you!

  1. Kate, All seven of the Harry Potter, hard cover books set on the shelves of our boat. (We made room.) The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle. Most of Eve Dallas by JD Robb. Yeah, books weigh our boat down some, but my new Kindle is going to change some of that.

    1. Hi Nancy! I’m working on getting the HP series, and I’ve always wanted the Sherlock Holmes series…you’ve inspired me to work harder at both of those goals :p I’m going to have to look into Eve Dallas, I haven’t heard of that one. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series. It’s spectacular (my standard is that I have both laughed and cried openly while reading them). It’s urban fantasy with werewolves and vampires and the Fae, but Mercy is a walker, a coyote shapeshifter.

    1. Hey Angela! That sounds like a really great series! Have you heard of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton? She is a vampire hunter…lots of twists, turns, ups and downs. FANTASTIC! I’ll be featuring that series as well 😉

  3. The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud is my all time favorite. Charming wit, curmudgeony demeanor and undying loyalty: all in a djinn seeking freedom from a little boy tangled in dark secrets.

    Love these!

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