The God

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays, where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

According to the Celts, because The Goddess is the land, it is her responsibility to ensure its continued fertility and prosperity. Therefore, she must have a most able consort.

The God, or the Green Man, is consort to The Goddess. Like her, he is a single archetype plus a trinity of aspects. Both The Goddess and The God are very complex. The God, also known as The Horned God, not to be confused with the Devil or any form of such, has three divine elements: Divine Child, the Son/Lover, and the Sacrificed Savior/Lord of Death.

As the Divine Child, the God represents new beginnings and the start of new cycles in all things – mental, physical, elemental, and spiritual. His traditional color is dark green.

The Son/Lover aspect symbolizes maturity and responsibility, the selfless desire to consider others feelings above one’s own. He balances sexual desire and need with companionship and tenderness. His traditional color is red.

Sacrificed Savior/Lord of Death aspect is a bit trickier to explain. The Sacrificed Savior represents renewal and reincarnation. He gives of his life so that spiritual knowledge and enlightenment can come into the world. He is always resurrected and reminds us that everything is recycled.

The Lord of Death is also known as the Lord of the Wild Hunt. He sees that karmic debts are paid and that destinies are fulfilled. He finds the souls that are ready for transition and compassionately guides them to the afterlife, all the while comforting them, erasing pain and suffering. His traditional color is black.

So talk to me. What do you think about The God? I am especially intrigued by the descriptions of the last aspect: Sacrificed Savior/Lord of Death; lots of story potential there! Have you heard or read any stories or legends about The Horned God?


12 thoughts on “The God

  1. I’ve heard of the Horned God and the Green Man but never totally understood the differences as you’ve listed them. Thanks for making it easier to understand.

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