The Loving Pisces

The romantic and receptive Pisces

Courtesy of adamr/
Courtesy of adamr/

Down to their bones, Pisces are lovers. They are by nature selfless, giving souls. Shy, gentle and perceptive, Pisces are incredibly warm and nurturing. Though Fish prefer living in their lush dream world, their primary goal in life is to help others in whatever way they can. They are compassionate, charitable and utterly self-sacrificing.

This giving nature can get Fish into hot water if they’re not careful. Pisces have a tendency to be easily taken advantage of, so they must learn to focus in the real world now and then to watch for troublemakers.

Their highly sensitive and emotional qualities can make Pisces desperately fear criticism and judgments. If Fish aren’t being heard—or believe they’re not being heard—they may lapse into despondency and pessimism which will eventually lead them into procrastination and indifference. I’m sure you’re aware by now, if you weren’t before, of just how awful indifference is to Fish.

Pisces have a highly evolved intuition, are spiritually oriented, and incredibly perceptive. These qualities greatly aid them in their life-long goal in helping others. They may easily feel another’s pain, and are in-tuned enough to find loving, reasonable solutions.

Fish are defined by their feelings. This can be heavy for signs looking for lighter lovers. Creative and artistic, Pisces can, at times, become very focused on their own inner journeys, leaving their love interests in the dark.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Pisces enjoys most—if not all—water sports, and swimming. Any water activities will alleviate stress. Here are some signs Pisces will invite to play in his Jacuzzi tub:


Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/
Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

Okay, this is almost cheating. By far the best companion for a Pisces is another Pisces! Their easy-going mellowness meshes so well together that they’re happy to swim side-by-side for the rest of their lives in complete bliss.


Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/
Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

This is a love match for the ages. The Bull and the Fish are so completely into each other that sometimes they shut out the rest of the world. These two love nothing better than spending quality time together, and pleasing one another.


Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/
Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

An amusing (to the outsider), and loving affair. These two lovebirds spend a lot of their time acting as though they’re not mad for each other. In reality, they’re quite the perfect fit. Each shores up the other’s weaknesses and revels in the other’s strengths.

So talk to me. Ever had a tryst with a Fish? What do you think of Pisces in love?

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**Note: The information described here is for entertainment purposes only. It does not in any way reflect the author’s personal beliefs. Please keep in mind that Sun Signs are only a part of an astrological reading ~ there are many other aspects to a person’s chart. To obtain an accurate, personal reading of your individual chart – based on the exact day and time you were born – please consult a professional.

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