Your Health!

Welcome to Slàinte Sundays where I give a toast to those posts I enjoyed during the week.

On Craft…

Kristen Lamb brings us part 2 of her series on story Structure: Plot Problems – Falcor the Luck Dragon & the Purple Tornado.

David N. Walker gives us an in-depth look at how we can build our characters into full four-dimensional people.

On Networking and Social Media…

Sonia Medeiros asks what I sometimes ask myself: Got Blog Fatigue?

Kristen Lamb wraps up her series on the three critical people to know on Social Media with ~ The Closer.

Roni Loren rants about blogging and building platforms…this could also go under “Motivation,” ‘cause I gotta tell you, I was relieved and inspired when I finished reading it…Thanks Roni!

On Motivation…

Jenny Hansen over at Writers In The Storm Blog wraps up their Fear series with this finale on phobias. Don’t look at the spider pic…just scroll down right past it…

Jenny Hansen is back with tips and insight from New York Times Best Selling Author, Susan Mallery.

Jillian Dodd, hosted by David N. Walker, inspires us with her story of the journey up Mt. Fuji…or almost up :p

Just For Fun…

Shéa MacLeod gives us a snapshot at Mermaids and how the different cultures depicted them. Very interesting!

Marcia Richards tells the story of a haunted prison where hangings and murders were the norm.

Piper Bayard and Kristen Lamb are back bringing their vision of America to you, the people. Let’s hear it for Piper-Lamb 2012!

Natalie Hartford brings yet another nifty gadget – the Drill Blender. A must have for anyone on the go.

Gene Lempp explores the beginnings of theatre.

Jess Witkins shares a spooky experience with a Ouija board.. *shivers*

Steena Holmes shares the latest on the Bandit Creek series…whoa, wait, a ménage??

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

To Kristen, David, Sonia, Roni, Jenny, Jillian, Shéa, Marcia, Piper, Natalie, Gene, Jess, and Steena…

Slàinte…your health!


16 thoughts on “Your Health!

  1. Great mashup Kate. I’ve got to go see Nat’s drill blender. That already sounds like a winner. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. Oooh another awesome blog mash up. You, Jenny and Gene have created my blog reading necessity megalists. Wonderful! Thanks for including me!

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