Pantheon of Goddesses: Brighid

Fàilteachadh! Welcome! Let us journey through the Celtic world..


In honor of the Feast of Saint Brighid, and the festival of Imbolc, I give you:

Courtesy of Navanna @
Courtesy of Navanna @


A triple-deity goddess, each one of Brighid’s aspects represents her reign over poetry, healing and smithery. She is keeper of the holy wells and rivers of healing and rebirth.

Brighid is the goddess of healing—including inner healing, and healing of the spirit and soul—poetry, divination, and prophecy. She represents the sister or virgin aspect of the Great Goddess.

A solar deity, Brighid is the goddess of fire, whether it be candle fire, fires of inspiration, hearth fires, or the sacred flames of creativity—all are identical in her realm.

Brighid is one of the very few deities to retain her relevance, status and impact through the many generations since her origins in ancient history.

Fun fact: The Rivers Brigit in Ireland, Braint in Wales, and Brent in England are all named for her.


Agriculture; Animals; Arts & Crafts; Blessings; Creation & Creativity; Divination & Divine Communication; Enchantments; Healers & Healing; Hearth & Home; Inspiration; Jewelry; Learning; Light; Magical Arts; Martial Arts; Metalworking; Motherhood; New Beginnings; Poetry; Prayer; Priestesses; Prophecy; Public Speaking; Sisterhood; Solar Magic; Vegetation; Victory; Warrior Goddess; Wisdom; Witchcraft; Women & Femininity; & Writing


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, and Gold


Air, Fire, & Water

Sabbats or festivals


So talk to me.  What do you think of Brighid? Who is your favorite Goddess?

Don’t see your favorite goddess here? Have something in particular you’d like me to share? Leave me a comment!

**Some of the information I’ve gathered came from The Goddess Guide by Priestess Brandi Auset ~ a must read for anyone interested in goddesses of all flavors!**

5 thoughts on “Pantheon of Goddesses: Brighid

  1. Hi Kate . Hope you are well .A question ?Iam a Gemini Male ,born in N Wales ,who has found facinating the History of the Celtic Morrigan.Is there any truth in relation to the Welsh in these prophecies?I would appreciate any feedback in regard to this Jamie .

    Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 15:07:36 +0000 To:

    1. Hi, Jamie and welcome 🙂 Well, I must say, you’ve scored many points here with this question. A Gemini – I’m a BIG fan of Gemini’s 😉 AND you find The Morrígan fascinating?! Whew..

      To answer you question, I’m going to have to ask you one. I’m not following, exactly. Can you be more specific in terms of prophecies? What I can share with you now, is this: The Morrígan is an Irish Warrior Goddess, and a woman after my own heart. As far as her relation to deities in Welsh mythology, I’m not entirely sure. Though, I can say that I’ve read in many different areas that the character in the King Arthur tales – Morgana – is based on her.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon 🙂

  2. Very cool. I recently read a book with this goddess as one of many goddesses living on earth. Now it makes even more sense.

  3. […] Not to be confused with Ēostre, a Germanic goddess, Ostara is the pagan name for the vernal or spring equinox (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere). Ostara marks the awakening of the Great Goddess from her winter’s sleep. She has been preparing for this awakening since Imbolc. […]

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