Just Goin’!

There is no better way to celebrate my 100th ~ yes, finally! ~ my 100th post, than to share with you all the magnificent, the alluring, the wonderful…


Courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Archer

November 22nd ~ December 21st. Fire Sign. Spans the 240th-270th degree of the zodiac.

Sags are the BEST people – EVER! Ok, so being a Sag, I might be a tad biased. I don’t think so, though. It’s a fact: we’re pretty awesome 😉 Stick around ~ I’ll prove it to you.

Gregarious and outgoing, friendly and social, Sagittarius is always on the move. They are the Knowledge Seekers, the Great Listeners, the Entertainers, the Optimistic Adventurers. Sagittarius is strongly imaginative, and committed to always looking and feeling great.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, associated with the astrological ninth house, and ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is a masculine, positive sign. Though they are inherently extroverted, a damaged Sag can initially seem introverted. Allow them their freedom and to feel safe in your presence, and watch them come alive!

A fire sign, Sagittarius is passionate. When pumped about something, she may express herself loudly or with wild gestures. Her laugh will reach across a room to draw others into her circle. Lit from within, her smile is engaging and inviting.

The Sag is also one of the four mutable signs, which means he is changeable. It would not be incorrect to say that Sagittarius is forever changing. As he learns new ideas and perspectives, his own will grow and expand. Depending on the area of particular interest to Sagittarius, he may change his entire opinion altogether!

Justice, Truth, and Honesty are THE most important things to Sagittarius. This can be fabulous, or it can really get them into hot water. Sagittarius can be counted on for, sometimes brutal, honesty. She’s honest nonetheless. She’s more likely to simply state her mind than bite her tongue.

Again, enjoy Debra Silverman’s portrayal ~ I found it highly entertaining *grin*

So talk to me. Are you a Sagittarius? Does this description fit? How does it differ? Do you know any Sags? We’re pretty freakin’ fabulous, right? 😉

Next time ~ How to love a Sagittarius. It’s not as easy as you might think..

**Note: The information described here is for entertainment purposes only. It does not in any way reflect the author’s personal beliefs. Please keep in mind that Sun Signs are only a part of an astrological reading ~ there are many other aspects to a person’s chart. To obtain an accurate, personal reading of your individual chart – based on the exact day and time you were born – please consult a professional.

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