Pantheon of Goddesses: Coventina

Welcome… Let us journey through the Celtic world…


**Some of the information I’ve gathered came from The Goddess Guide by Priestess Brandi Auset ~ a must read for anyone interested in goddesses of all flavors!**



A river deity, Coventina is associated with all running water and bodies of water. As the river flows, so do her powers of abundance, prosperity and healing. She is associated with time, and her symbols are the cup, the cauldron, and all coins.

She is a Light Mother; at the peak of power and life. Coventina represents abundance, prosperity, and the harvest ~ reaping what she’s sown. She is our true earth mother. She is the ultimate mother, protecting all children ~ even those not of her flesh.

Coventina embodies strength and resilience. She is in control of her own circumstances, her sexuality and sensuality, and has full knowledge of herself as a woman and what it means to be a woman.

At this particular point in my life, Coventina is a blessing. I find myself connecting with her attributes as a person, a woman and a mother. I’ve also noticed the similarities between Coventina and Kuan Yin, a Buddhist goddess of compassion, nurturing and self-love.

Abundance; Birth & Childbirth; Bodies of Water; Healing; Inspiration; Longevity; Manifestation; Midwives; New Beginnings; Oceans; Prophecy; Renewing; Rivers; Time


Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Gold



Sabbats or festivals

Yule, Imbolc, & Lammas

So talk to me.  What do you think of Coventina? Who is your favorite Goddess?

Don’t see your favorite goddess here? Have something in particular you’d like me to share? Leave me a comment!

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