Author Spotlight: Susanna Kearsley

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I have been an avid reader since around the age of 14.  If left alone – which never happens these days – I can easily consume one 400pg novel in a day or two, depending on the story.

Since I began writing, and learning the craft from experts such as James Scott Bell, Larry Brooks, and Randy Ingermanson, it has become more of a challenge for me to find books that pull me in and don’t let go ’til The End. More often than not, it will take me a few weeks to finish a book, simply because I can put it down.

This was most definitely not the case with Susanna Kearsley‘s THE SHADOWY HORSES.

THE SHADOWY HORSES is a story set in Eyemouth, a small town in Scotland near the border with England. An aging archaeologist, Peter Quinnell – whose life’s pursuit of Rome’s lost Ninth Legion has all but consumed him – suavely and subtly persuades Verity Grey, a finds expert, to join a small crew to excavate a field which he believes is the site where the Ninth met its doom.

On her way north from London, Verity meets David Fortune. Ahhh, Davy. A big, strapping Scotsman with black, curly hair, blue eyes, and engaging smile. I fell in love the moment I saw him walking through the mist toward her bus. He’s a man’s man, and quite simply the perfect hero for this story.

During the course of the few days Verity is in Eyemouth to consider Peter’s offer, she meets an unforgettable cast of characters that are deep and rich, and come off the page alive and in full color. The most endearing is Robbie, a little boy with the gift of second sight, who acts as a translator of sorts for The Sentinel – a ghost with a purpose.

Of course, Verity decides to stay within a few minutes of meeting Peter. What follows is a thrilling and wonderful story of mystery, intrigue, and love.

I cannot say enough about this book. Notably, I read it in two days – that’s while working my full-time job, going to the gym, taking care of my family, working on my own book AND writing up a few blog posts. That is definitely saying something.

As I said above, all of the characters are full dimensional and deep. The dialogue is outstanding; you are there, with the characters, hearing their voices and their tones. It was, quite simply, an amazing experience.

I can’t wait for my lunch break so I can go buy another of her books 🙂

If you have not yet had a chance to read this book, either buy it online or run over to your nearest bookstore and grab it. It is a MUST read. Now, get it now.

So talk to me. Have you read THE SHADOWY HORSES? What did you think of it? What is your favorite book by Susanna (she also writes as Emma Cole)


UPDATE: After I wrote this post and got it in the cue, I was leisurely perusing Susanna Kearsley’s website – because I am now wholly obsessed – and I saw something about a new book in the twitter feed she has running there.  I clicked on the link, and you will not believe what I found!

I swear I had no idea, but Susanna has re-released THE SHADOWY HORSES as of October 1, 2012! This site gives an interview and an excerpt from it. Wait – it gets better. Her new book, FIREBIRD, features Robbie, the little boy in THE SHADOWY HORSES – and he’s all grown up! Iamsoexcited! I cannot wait until May 2013!!


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