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My Aunt, a.k.a. Super-Snoop, snitched to my dearest Granny my desire and intention to get inked.

This, of course, sparked a huge debate between them, myself, and my dad (who, being a navy veteran, has tats himself).

My Granny was horrified…my Aunt gleeful that she got me in trouble…and my dad did his parental duty by telling me not to get them – then proceeded to share stories of how he’d gotten his own art.

None had any viable reason against getting tattoos, other than telling me repeatedly not to get a “tramp stamp.” My admonition that I am a grown woman – in my thirties – and can do what I like with my body fell on deaf ears.


So, in honor of my uninformed and unimaginative family – whom I love with all of my heart – I offer this documentary from the History Channel: Ancient Ink.

You watching, Auntie? 😛

So talk to me. What is your opinion on tattoos? How do you express yourself?

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10 thoughts on “Ancient Ink

  1. Like you said, you are a grown woman, in her thirties. I think if you want a tattoo, get one! Your family will still love you.

    What do I think of tattoos? I love them on other people. I’ve had way too many and over the years have had them all removed (still in the process for the last one). It’s very expensive and painful, so really love the design you choose.

    I like how tattoos are more mainstream now. They still have negative connotations associated with them, which they always will because people are afraid of anything ‘different’. Just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t make them ‘bad’ or a gangster. It’s an expression of art. A painting on the most beautiful canvas ~ your body.

    1. “It’s an expression of art. A painting on the most beautiful canvas ~ your body.” Well said Tameri!

      Ancient Ink really brought home for me how important it is to really think about what we put on our bodies. Not only is there pain involved, but having to have them removed later seems much worse than the initial tattoo. After all of my research into this, I really think that getting a tattoo – when going about it the right way – is very much a rite of passage. To choose a meaningful design that is precious to you, and to sit through the pain until the end…it’s a gift you can give yourself, and I think it is something you can be proud of.

      It is unfortunate that the negative connotations have continued to follow this practice. I’ve met many people who are insightful, honest, brilliant individuals who have tattoos – whether it is just one, or they cover their bodies. The art does not make the person, it is only an expression of the person. It’s sad that so many people only look at the surface and make judgments based on what they perceive to be the truth rather than discovering for themselves what the truth actually is.

      Just my opinion 😛

  2. Ouch…some of those methods just make me shudder.

    I’m fully on board the tattoo train. I’ve ordered the design I want for my lower back, I just need to gather the funds and pick the artist 🙂 Oldest wee beastie came up with the idea I’ll probably use for my ankle…and he’s designing it.

    I know where you’re coming from. My father gave my sister grief when she first got her tattoo. But as it’s on her lower back, Dad doesn’t see it all that much so it has become an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing for him. Dad thought sis’ tat was bad…oy, wait till he sees my ankle, LOL.

    1. I’m with you, Raelyn…watching those people get their tats REALLY made me think long and hard about my decision. I have a fairly high pain tolerance (I’ve had many piercings), but I am worried that I may not be fully prepared for it. Maybe I’ll start out small 😛

      My little sister has a tattoo on her lower leg, and one on her chest. My family FREAKED out LOL But, they still love her, so I’m hopeful 🙂

      I have a really good idea for a design I want on my side. I’m going to start photo-hunting so I can show everyone my idea. I’m really excited about it!

  3. I’ve never gotten a tattoo and I don’t know that I ever will but I have to say that I think there is definite power in this ritual, and whatever the tattoo is can be a reminder of that power in later times.

  4. OK, here’s my fear about tattoos (besides the pain): GRAVITY! My fear that my sweet little butterfly will look like a manta ray in 20 years keeps me ink free. But that’s just me…

  5. I love tattoos on other people. 😉 I think it takes a certain level and kind of artistry to choose them well. My brother is an artist, and his tattoos rock. My mom even has tattoos, and asked me to follow suit on her 50th birthday—just not my thing. Great documentary!

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