Falling Apart: A ROW80 Check In

This week has been a doozie on all fronts.

A week and a half ago, my allergist said I had a sinus infection, so he loaded me up with all kinds of meds to knock it out.

Well…they knocked out the infection, which is great, but they also took me out! I’ve been going to bed with migraines and waking up with them, which means I’m not sleeping well – as usual – and not getting my hour of writing in the morning. I missed 3 days at the gym because my head felt like it was going to explode every time I tried to use a machine.

My follow-up appointment went something like this:

Doc: So, Kate, how are you feeling? Everything good now?

Me: Not great, nope, I’ve had headaches all week. This is pretty much the worst I’ve felt in a while.

Doc: Really? What happened? Tell me about it, what’s going on?

Me: Well…*explained about the migraines and the gym experiences*

Doc: Hm. *stares thoughtfully at me* We could just put you down.

And that is why I see this man. He thinks outside the box 😛

One highlight, though, is a friend recommended a book titled, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.  I’ve been reading it all week, and she has opened my eyes! If you haven’t had the experience of reading her wisdom, I encourage you to do so immediately.

No new news on the home-finding front ~ still looking..

So talk to me. For my writing pals, how are your goals coming along? Are you in ROW80, and if so, how’s that goin’ so far? For my non-writing buddies, what goals have you set for yourself and how are you making progress?


27 thoughts on “Falling Apart: A ROW80 Check In

  1. Feel better, Kate! I hear you on the meds. They are good for treating things, but do a doozy on my entire system as well. I hope the migraines end and you can get back to some good sleep. I’ve had trouble with sleep as well. *hugs*

  2. Love your doctor, I think he went to the same school as mine. When I went to see him with a major cold and said I felt like I was dying he told me to head for Bermuda and party till I dropped, literally – at least if you’re gonna go (he says) do it happy. Love snarky doctors.

    Well – I hope he hooked you up with something to help with the migraines, sounds like a very rough week. I have to say though, you are keeping a great attitude given all that you have going on in life right now. And – heard a rumor – that you are in Jen Hansen’s writers group now (pretty sure it was you, if I’m wrong just ignore me). You truly are a positive model for the many out there who are struggling in life and how to handle it with grace and poise.

    All the best for the coming week and the house hunt, Kate 🙂

    1. “…party till I dropped, literally” LOL Sounds like they did indeed go to the same school 😛 I WISH I was in WITS! Jenny and I are in the same RWA local chapter – OCC/RWA 🙂

      “Grace and poise”…I am humbled by your praise, Gene, and I’m not entirely sure I deserve it!


  3. Glad you have a good doc. Sounds fun and trustworthy. You are wise to read some good books on this subject. I hope you feel better soon. Oh and don’t discount rest. A few years ago I had some strange symptoms and felt terrible. After having every test known to man and being sent to an infectious disease doctor since we had been to China all tests were negative. He softly said, “I don’t want to sound condescending but how much sleep do you get every night?”
    “SIx hours.”
    “Can I prescribe 8 hours a night.”
    “I’ll try anything.”
    It make all the difference in the world.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. How refreshing to know there is a medical doctor with a sense of humor as well as truly caring about his patient, not the usual story. Hope you feel better.

    P.S. Both my beagle and grey-dilute kitty enjoyed hearing your blog read aloud.


  5. I’m at a loss. Yes, he has a sense of humor, but why should a side affect take you out of life? Sorry. I know sinus infections are hugely serious — I just feel bad that you couldn’t function.

    Again, sorry.

    1. That’s ok, Amy. He is a doc that knows his patients well…his crack lit me up and made me laugh, which helped me feel much better about the whole thing. Laughter IS the best medicine, after all 🙂

  6. A doctor who knows how to really cheer his patients up and a good book (I read Northrup’s book a while back and love her way of making things “just mesh”)…. Sounds like you’ll be up and running marathons in no time. Or at least not missing three days of workouts.

    Feel better, Kate!

  7. I hope your very cool doc has you feeling a lot better! Tough week, but like Gene said, you seem to handle the ups and downs with a great attitude, Kate. Get more rest and you’ll feel like getting back to writing and exercise. Have a better week!!

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