The Domino Effect and ROW80 Check-In

And so here we are, one week after I took the plunge and decided to state my goals to the world…

I’m not proud to say that I did not have a good week, friends. No I did not.

Thanks to unforeseen powers, and my lack of self-control, I did not get one single word added to my wip this week.

Not. One. Word.

How did this travesty happen, you ask?

I’ve noticed that the domino-effect has quite the hold on my life. For instance, one night (don’t remember exactly which it was now) I decided that I could stay up until midnight to watch some programs that I’d missed several weeks in a row, which then made me oversleep the next morning–though I was able to scrape together enough minutes to work on my outline…then the next night we had a power outage that set my evening routine back a couple of hours which meant I didn’t get to bed until about as late as the night before, and you guessed it–I overslept…only this time by quite a bit and was almost late to the DJ. Fast-forward to yesterday morning when after a week of no writing, staying up late and over-sleeping, I woke up feeling depressed and had a bad case of self-loathing.

(in case you’re wondering, “DJ” stands for Day Job)

There is this niggling at the back of my neck hinting that my lack of focus might have something to do with my habit of behaving like a deer-in-headlights any time I make progress in my writing career (you may recall the kind words from an agent I shared last check-in). Get caught up on that here.

I will say, however, that my goal of going to the gym every day (except Fridays) is still going strong. Haven’t missed a day yet – well, except for yesterday when Hubs came home, saw me in my PJs and unkempt hair at 2:30pm, and promptly decided to drag me off to Knott’s Berry Farm. Watching my toddler ride rides, and being in the fresh air (as much as can be found in Southern California) did much to improve my state-of-mind. Which, at that time, it was probably more important to spend time with my family and get out of my head. So, everything is still going well on the exercise front.

As for reading, I didn’t read any of my fiction book, Envy by J.R. Ward this week. I DID however, get quite a bit of my craft book in, Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell. I had several inspirations for my wip as well as the series I’ve got brewing. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mr. Bell is a genius!

Ok, well, that’s it for this week. Time to get my head back in the game and start this next week strong.

So talk to me. For my writing pals, how are your goals coming along? Are you in ROW80, and if so, how’s that goin’ so far? For my non-writing buddies, what goals have you set for yourself and how are you making progress? 


16 thoughts on “The Domino Effect and ROW80 Check-In

  1. The domino affect gives me a bad case of self-loathing too but we must keep in mind that writing is not a sprint but a marathon. You didn’t stay in that depressed state and that is wonderful.

  2. That darned domino effect…I’ve been in its path more than once…ha! This week will be better.
    Good for you on keeping your fitness goals! I slacked this week in that department, only working out twice. Better than nothing, but short by one to even meet my minimum goal. Sigh.

  3. Knowledge is power and success is habit. You know what happened, therefore, you also know what habits to both address and set up. Totally been there and I have to say that for most ROWers, myself included, the first true goal is building the habits needed to succeed at our stated goals. So – moving forward – new week, new set of domino’s. Set out a realistic pattern, small steps both to curb the blocking habits (when do you actually need to go to bed?) and good (how many words do you need to write a day to feel satisfied with your progress?). Small adjustments that lead to large results in the long term work the best. I say all of this as a ROW sponsor and friend, Kate.

    Take the proactive stance and make this week the fantastic one you deserve 🙂

  4. Uh Kate, might you be in HB? We had a power outage last week. Hmm? And I am also reading “Plot and Structure!” Yes, Mr. Bell is amazing. I also did not write last week and I don’t have a day job. What’s up with that? Good grief. But today is the start of a new week! So make it a great week Kate! 🙂

  5. Last week is over and done. A fresh, new one awaits you. Embrace the opportunity to make it a good one, I say. I have a hunch you’ll make significant progress. I’m shaking my pompons for you and cheering you on. Go, Kate, go!

  6. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Domino effect, or simply a training lesson on how to get on with things. Maybe you needed the break so that you read that JSB book, and came up with those ideas for the WIP just in time. Hope you have a great week, too.

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