Taking the Plunge ~ ROW80 Check-In

That’s it. I’ve decided. I’m doing it ~ I’m taking the plunge.

I’m joining #ROW80 🙂

We’ve shared our fears and discussed how fear can play a role in everything we do. In opening up and baring my own fears with all of you, I’ve been able to dissect some of them and even overcome a few.

Hence my decision to finally take responsibility for my procrastination, and take the steps necessary to achieve my dream. In case you hadn’t guessed it, my dream is to become a published author. Just thought I’d clarify that 😛

Ok, so here are my goals for Round One:

  • Write ½ hr to 1 hour every morning before getting ready for work, since this is the ONLY peaceful, quiet time I have. I have sub-goals for this one: The first is finishing up the draft outline for my WIP. The second is working on revisions and the bit of research left. Finally, one more read through with revisions…then, done!
  • Read 1 craft book and 1 fiction book per week. I haven’t been as good about reading the craft books as I have been about the fiction…go figure. Having set this as a goal will help me focus and get the important reading done. For craft, I’m currently reading James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure, which is amazing…he’s is truly a genius. THANK YOU Kristen Lamb for pimping him so much!! For fiction I’m reading J.R. Ward’s Envy. Man, I’m really diggin’ me some fallen angels 😛
  • Go to the gym every evening except Friday (those are grocery shopping nights :P). I have trouble sleeping, and feeling sluggish during the day, so this will help in those areas, as well as improving my overall health 🙂 I’ve already had a great start on this one. And actually, getting exercise has been a critical part of all the progress I’ve made lately.

I’m SO excited I decided to do this, and SO happy my good friend Jenny Hansen pushed and shoved encouraged me to join.

Since the spotlight is still glaring above me, and while I’m uncomfortably warm under it, I may as well share some pretty exciting news, which was another poke that got me here today:

I belong to an online chapter of RWA: Hearts Through History Romance Writers. Last week, I participated in an online conference, and at the end of the week we had an opportunity to pitch to some fabulous agents and publishers.

Because I’d made so much progress the last several weeks with going to the gym every night, which helped me fall asleep, which helped me wake up early, which led to me writing every morning…I felt that I was ready to really put myself out there and have an industry professional take a small peek and let me know what areas could use some improvement.

So, Friday morning at 7am I sent in my pitch for my wip, HIS BEWITCHED HEART, to Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency. A few agonizing hours later she responded by saying:

“I love how organically you’ve woven in the details about witches in your writing. Very well done. This is superior writing and an excellent concept.”

She finished by asking me to let her know as soon as the novel is finished.

I’ve had friends, family, and my husband tell me that I have talent and that they liked my writing. But to have someone of Sara’s caliber tell me I have “superior writing” is just…well, words cannot describe how I’ve been feeling all weekend.

Ah, but now, now I have a book to finish!!! 🙂 As Jenny said in her #ROW80 post this morning, I’m fired up!

For you other #ROW80’ers, and for those of you who haven’t posted your goals yet, go here to use the linky tool.

So talk to me. Are you part of the #ROW80 club? Do you have a goal list that you actively pursue on a regular basis? What helps you meet your goals?


18 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge ~ ROW80 Check-In

  1. YAY!!! YAY!!! *pumps fist in the air*

    I’m so excited, you’re gonna be hitting it up with ROW80. You will thank yourself at the end of the round, I promise. 🙂

    Thanks for the link. Thanks even more for making my day!!

  2. Woot! Awesome to have you with Kate. Great goals, well thought. I read James book last year and right with you, fantastic material. If you struggle with sifting craft books into the mix of your reading try plowing through the craft book with 2 or 3 fiction waiting afterwards as a “reward” – that’s what I do, worked pretty well so far.

    Exercise is definitely a benefit for all aspects of life and kudo’s to you for making it a priority.

    Have a fantastic week, Kate 🙂

  3. Way to go, Kate! How wonderful to received such sincere encouragement from the agent. What better motivation could you wish? I’m a big cheerleader for everyone who jumps into the ROW80 club. It’s something I know I simply don’t have the time for but it does remind me to stick to my schedules and goals as much as possible. One of my hints for exercise while writing? I keep a set of small weights next to my computer and work with them while I read blogs. Write on!

  4. Looks great. You are also a good supporter of your friends. That’s an awesome blogging trait. Keep up the good work. Oh and to answer your question, I am part of Row80 and love it! When did you decide to plunge in to your dream? My dive was recent. It would be fun to talk if you’re just jumping in too.

    1. Hi Ali!! I decided to start writing a little over a year ago. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I start thinking about joining ROW80, but I kept putting if off with various excuses…then, after I received Sara’s response to my pitch I told myself, “Self – it’s WAY past time you kicked this thing into high gear and really got serious” 😛

      Absolutely, Ali, we can chat anytime. I’m also over at WANA711 on Twitter & FB 🙂

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