Losing someone is never easy, even when you know they’re in a better place. Rest in peace, Gramps, I love you!

Carl W. Paulsen

While I’m with my family now, please enjoy this oldie but goodie 🙂


Welcome to Rudan Thursdays where we talk about…things! Anything from books and movies, to blog posts and authors, to food and drink.

My husband recently introduced me to the gentlemen at Epic Meal Time. Not directly face-to-face, I mean he introduced me to their youtube channel. Yes, channel. These Canadian boys are so popular they have their own channel, and the hits just keep climbing.

I immediately felt it necessary to share this with all of you. My husband and I have watched almost all of the episodes to date, and I found myself at times disgusted, intrigued, baffled – but always entertained.

Words like this immediately come to mind when I think of Epic Meal Time: “epic,” “gross,” “giant,” “gross,” “monstrous,” “gross,” “colossal” …ok, you get the picture.

Anyway, take a looksie and tell me what you think.

**WARNING: Explicit Language**

So talk to me. What did you think? Have you heard of Epic Meal Time before? I noticed that for all the…um, artistry…they actually seemed to know how to cook. Well, perhaps that wasn’t fully represented in this particular video, but if you watch more episodes you can see that they actually seem to know what they’re doing…interesting..


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