Castle of Gloom

Welcome to Tursan Tuesdays where I take you on a journey through the Celtic world.

Ever read a fairy tale and wondered, what if this or that really existed?

Here, my friends, I give you ~ Castle Gloom.

In central Scotland, nestled at the base of the Ochil Hills, stands 500yr old Castle Gloom.

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Flanked on either side by the Burn of Care and the Burn of Sorrows, this majestic Medieval Celtic castle is something straight out of a paranormal romance.

Well, in my world it would be a paranormal romance. ;P

True to its name, Castle Gloom has had quite the gloomy history. It was built in the late fifteenth century by the Stuarts and passed to the Campbells through marriage. James Graham, first Marquis of Montrose, tried to take the castle in 1645 but failed. Then in 1654 several irate Scotsmen attacked the fortress in retaliation for the Campbells hosting Lord Cromwell’s men, burning a good portion of it. It was never again used as a residence.

Castle Gloom, now Castle Campbell, was built and then discarded in little more than a century. It stood, seemingly forgotten, for three hundred years ~ likely a lonely, desolate place. Finally, in 1948, it was given to the care of Historic Scotland. Today, you can explore its ruins amidst the dense bracken.

What stories can you imagine taking place in a Castle like this? Castle Gloom, with its Burns of Care and Sorrows, is a neat and tidy paranormal package. All we need now are some visceral, gritty characters…

Have you ever heard of Castle Gloom? What other Celtic Castles do you know of?


10 thoughts on “Castle of Gloom

  1. Very cool tale, Kate! I had not heard of Castle Gloom or Castle Campbell. I picture a horror story taking place in the castle in which a family or a group of college friends stays there on vacation and they slowly die one by one. I also can see a paranormal story about vampires; or one about a haunting and ghosts in which a family moves into the castle and gets spooked from very vivid images of dead people, and some of them go crazy while others deny it completely. Some movies I’ve seen have an influence on my visions for the castle. But all writers are influenced by something or someone anyway!

  2. That was one of my favorite castles to see when we visited Scotland. The history of the Campbells is such an integral part of the country, but in this castle I really felt their presence. In a cool creepy ghostly way.

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