Your Health!

Welcome to Rudan Thursdays where we talk about…things! Anything from books and movies, to blog posts and authors, to food and drink.

Today I’d like to pay tribute, or tabhartas, to those posts I’ve enjoyed recently. Without further ado…

A girl after my own heart, Shéa MacLeod gave us this gem about reincarnation. I found this fascinating, as I too am interested in the subject.

Jenny Hansen ran a four-part series recently, titled: The Undie-Chronicles. They’re based on the conversations going on over at #PantyPeeps. It is simply hysterical, you have to read every single post. You just have to. Go on, go read them, we’ll wait: Christian Panties; An Ode To Garter-String Knickers; Thunderwear; and The Final Episode.

…Oh, but just when you thought you could finally breathe and give your abs a break from the gut-busting laughter, Jenny knocks you out with the epilogue: Man-Style.

The incomparable, Kristen Lamb has been running a series of her own. One I’ve been following religiously; saving it, printing it out, re-reading it,  and sleeping with it. Ok, before I manage to make myself sound even more desperate, let’s just get to the series, shall we? It’s on Structure:

~ Part One: Anatomy of a Best-Selling Novel ~ Structure Matters;

~ Part Two: Plot Problems ~ Falcor the Luck Dragon & the Purple Tornado;

~ Part Three: Introducing the Opposition;

~ Part Four: Testing Your Idea ~ Is It Strong Enough to Make an Interesting Novel?;

~ Part Five: Keeping Focused & Nailing the Pitch ~ Understand Your “Seed Idea.”;

~ Part Six: Getting Primal and Staying Simple;

~ Part Seven: Genre Matters.

…I have no idea how many parts are to this series, hopefully as many as possible…stay tuned!

The Bayard/Lamb 2012 campaign is HOT HOT HOT. These ladies are putting all those boys on the hill to shame. Recently, these lovely ambassadors of The People launched their Granny Plan Health Care. Brilliant! They’ve also kicked off their campaign tour…don’t worry though, they’re not wasting our tax-payer dollars doing it! Remember to vote Bayard/Lamb 2012 ~ Because Blonde is the new Black. They got my vote 🙂

Here’s an ongoing series I never miss: Designing From Bones by Gene Lempp. This particular post talks about The Copper Treasure Scroll, simply fascinating. I loved it ~ go check it out!

To Shéa, Jenny, Kristen, Piper, and Gene…Slàinte…your health!


11 thoughts on “Your Health!

  1. OMG, Kate! I am bowled over by the tremendous amount of linky love here in your post.

    I too loved the Undie Chronicles – they made me laugh while I wrote them AND while I read the comments. If we can get some manufacturing space for the Bayard/Lamb campaign’s Patriot Panties, we’ll be back in business for another Chronicle. 🙂

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