Your Health!

Welcome to Slàinte Sundays where I give a toast to those posts I enjoyed during the week.

I apologize for the late post, however germs and illness are spreading through my household like wildfire and I have been struck low. I explained in more detail in my post from New Kids on the Writer’s Block.

That said, I will endeavor to carry on. Here are, in my opinion, the best of the best from the past week:

On motivation…

Laura Drake at Writers On The Storm Blog tells us how we can overcome our fears of failure.

Fae Rowan, also at Writers On The Storm Blog, shows us the other side of the coin, and tells us how we can overcome our fears of achieving success – of which group I am a part. Excellent post, very motivating!

Marion Spicher shares tips on achieving self-discipline, something we can all use!

Jenny Hansen asks a question that, I think, we all struggle with: Do Writers Need Validation? Really motivating post, I’m better for having read it.

Steena Holmes reminds us that we need to create boundaries and learn to stand up for ourselves, especially when it comes to protecting our writing time!

Diana Murdock talks about looking deep down inside ourselves and asking the tough question, do we really want this? Yet another thought-provoking post from Diana.

Marcia Richards offers five steps we can take in order to keep our dreams alive. Very important for those of us struggling to stay focused on our goals while juggling our crazy schedules and demanding families. And don’t miss her post on health and fitness where she shows us nine really easy ways to stay fit and not give up our routines. Impossible you say? Nope.

Elena Aitken shares an inspiring story of her nine-year old daughter’s self-confidence. A learning moment for all of us.

Cate Woods reminds us that as world creators and trend breakers, we writers need to think outside the box. Or just recycle it. Great post!

Piper Bayard, guest posting at Writers On The Storm Blog, explains the difference between what we writers think we know, what we need to know, and how we can learn what we need to know.

On craft…

David N. Walker gives us another well thought out post on craft, this time focusing on the Protagonist.

Kristen Lamb explains how editors can spot novel illnesses usually within the first 20 pages or so. Very enlightening!

James Killick shows us how we can flesh out really great characters by asking them, yes the characters, 10 questions.

On networking…

Kristen Lamb offers us a few informative and educating posts on networking and social media. She dons her stethoscope as Dr. Twuth in this first post to explain the changes recently made by Facebook, and why we should embrace them. The second is a post on Mavens and why they are not only helpful, but necessary. Finally, Kristen shows us why blogging really IS important, and NOT dead as some insist on insisting – as long as you’re doing it right. Hmmm…I hope I’m doing it right… Check out my post from my writer’s group blog for more great info on Kristen and all she has to offer.

Roni Loren, Fiction Groupie, offers us five ways to protect our brand. Very enlightening, I learned some things I need to change in the way I network. Great post!

Just for fun…

Natalie Hartford shares with us this nifty little device that is at once useful and chic.

The wait is over! Jillian Dodd shares with us the results of her labor of love. Her daughter’s room turned out absolutely fabulous!

You all know how I love me some stories. David N. Walker tells a very interesting tale of Ruth and Boaz. It has some intriguing messages we can all take from it.

Jess Witkins tells us about her dream team of super heroines. This was so much fun! I only wish She-Ra had been included…

How simple it would be if we could simply spray on our clothing? Carrie Spencer gives us the deets.

Wow…we have quite a few peeps here again, so rather than list them all out, I’ll just say…

Slàinte…your health!


14 thoughts on “Your Health!

  1. Great writers here, and thank you for including me amongst them! I will investigate She-ra and determine whether she can join my dream team or not. If we’re talking live superheroines of TV, I would totally include Xena: Warrior Princess! Are they anything alike?

    1. Hi Jess! You are quite welcome, I enjoyed your post! She-Ra is pretty awesome. I’ve seen an episode or two of Xena, but I’m no expert… Maybe an idea for a future post? You can compare them – She-Ra v. Xena 😉

  2. Kate, thanks for the shout-out! Great links! yes, She-Ra should have been included along with He-Man!

    @ Jess..She-Ra was awesome and my daughter’s heroine in the ’80s. She had the whole She-Ra castle and a He-Man figure, too (She-Ra’s twin brother).
    This gives me an idea for a post!

    1. YAY, a She-Ra post! I LOVE her. I Netflixed all of her episodes and made my oldest daughter watch them all with me…I was instantly 10yrs old again LOL She was unimpressed for the most part, but I was in heaven!

  3. You’ve got some great blog articles here. Thanks for the list!
    Sigh. Though now I have even MORE blogs to read.

  4. OMG, Kate, this is the third time I’ve stopped by to leave a comment here – I’ve been interrupted EVERY time! Whew, I’m so happy to have a minute to tell you that I love this post and I so appreciate the blog love.

    Question – did you get started in Tiffany’s October class (that you won for your OTHER blog love?)

    1. Hi Jenny! I was able to log on and check out the class earlier today and I’m going to go in in a bit and introduce myself and catch up. I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to get started!!

  5. Hey, thank you for including me in your mash up! So great to be included in such an awesome group of people! thanks!!

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