10 Random Facts about…ME!

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So, I have been tagged by the talented and funny, Natalie Hartford, to tell 10 Random Facts about myself. This is a game going around the blogosphere, and now it’s my turn. Yay ;p

As with any game, there are rules to follow:

  • First, you must be tagged by someone;
  • Then you list 10 random facts about yourself; and
  • Then you tag four more people.

Ok…so here are my 10 Random Facts, in no particular order:

1. My sister-in-law and I give blood together. We’re trying to become more consistent; with my hectic schedule I always forget, but now she’s got a nifty new app so hopefully we’ll be donating on a more regular basis.

2. I enjoy jewelry making. Unfortunately, because of my hectic schedule, I don’t get to make it. A girl can dream, though, can’t she?

3. My favorite TV character is Elaine from Seinfeld. I just love her.

4. I keep a can of wasp spray under my bed for protection.

5. I have suffered from headaches my whole life, and only recently figured out they’re allergy related. Yeah, only took me 30 years.

6. I have an obsession for dipping sauce. It started with ranch, and has now become a ranch/honey bbq combo.

7. Whenever I come across a series, whether it is for books, movies, or t.v. shows, I need to read/watch the entire series from beginning to end, preferably without interruption. When a new book, movie, or show becomes available, I have to start the entire series over before I can read or watch the new installment.

8. My oldest daughter saved me. I was young and rash and heading down a pretty unhealthy path. Having her literally changed my whole life.

9. I am covered with freckles from head to toe. Oddly enough, all of my prominent freckles form triangle patterns.

10. My internal thermometer is broken. I consider 75 degrees to be a bit chilly.

Unfortunately, I could only find 2 people to play tag with so looks like I’m breaking rule #3…that’s cool though, cause rules were meant to be broken…right?! Huh…anyone? Right?

Ok, fine. Here are the lucky 2!

Catie Rhodes & Alica McKenna Johnson

TAG – you’re it!


30 thoughts on “10 Random Facts about…ME!

  1. Wow, head to toe in freckles – and triangular shaped! That was quite a disclosure! Interesting read. It’s funny, isn’t it, you would never normally look so closely at another’s life, but here on the computer you just do. Liked your blog, Noeleen

  2. GREAT post Kate and love getting to know you better. I LOVE that you keep a can of wasp spray under your bed. LOL. That is totally something I would do. Hubby says I am paranoid but I prefer to call it “safe rather than sorry!” LOL!! Elaine rocks! And I am with you on the series thing. I want to watch the last two Harry Potter movies and now I have to watch the ENTIRE series first…

    1. Thanks, Natalie! LOL…my daughter and I watched ALL of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend, starting with #1 on Friday night after I got home from work and ending Sunday evening at the theater. When it was over, she swore she never wanted to watch another movie again LOL. My hubs makes fun of me all the time, but that can stays right where it is ;p

    1. Hi Patti! My sister-in-law told me about it…since the poison shoots approximately 20ft, I can stand well back from an intruder and still be able to take him down 😉 I’ll probably never actually use it, but it makes me feel better.

  3. What great facts! A can of wasp spray? So funny!

    I tried to give blood, but I lived in England for six months in the early 90’s and they think my blood is tainted from that, but they won’t say why. Just that I can’t give blood or platelets. I have shameful blood.

    I’m totally with you on the series thing, but wait, the last HP isn’t out yet. You can watch the movies without having the ending? I’m making our family wait until the last one comes out and then we’re having a Harry Potter viewing party. My daughter’s going to fly down from San Francisco just for the event. I’ll tell you when it is and you can come!

    1. LOL…shameful blood. Yeah, I don’t know why that is. We watched all of the HP movies that were on DVD, then we went to the theater Sunday evening and saw the final movie there. That sounds like fun!!

  4. Wasp Spray got a lot of comments. I’m wondering how you reach it without an intruder stopping you? Sorry, but I can picture the whole scene! Bookcase headboard? Nah … too dangerous to have it where you might bump it or something. But all in all, I think it is clever, and if my hubby goes to Afghanistan again for hydro power consultation, I will get a can!

    Great fun to get to know you better. I went back and checked your picture. I don’t see freckles. I have them as well. My Dad used to tease me, said they were rust spots ’cause I didn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain.

    1. I know…surprising. See, the can is under my bed…toward the edge…so all I need to do is reach under and grab it real quick. My theory is, I’ll hear the intruder before he gets to my bedroom, so I’ll have the 2 seconds I need to grab the can 😉

      Oh, they’re there, Marion, believe me! I’m wearing make-up in the photo so you can’t see them, but they are definitely there. Haha…that’s a fun one! My mom told me the old, “they’re angel kisses” story ;p

  5. Hi Kate,

    I don’t want to intrude but wasp spray for self defense is a bad idea. It is a myth that has been spread around carelessly. Stick with the Pepper Spray. Wasp spray is unproven and has never been tested on humans. Wasp Spray also will not work on those who cannot feel pain i.e. drugs or alcohol. Pepper Spray, however, is an inflammatory which will cause the eyes to slam shut no matter the situation. Over 40,000 law enforcement agencies carry it nationwide and even the smallest canisters will fire 10 ft while the larger canisters will fire 25 to 30 ft.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Lol, I thought the wasp spray was for “smaller” intruders. It took two years, but after repeatedly soaking the perimeter of my place, the big black spiders don’t dare come anywhere near me. If they do, I need that twenty-feet too!

    1. Oh man…yeah, I can use it for them too. Our neighbors were having their house decontaminated recently, and I’ve noticed an influx of the little devils…big reddish ones with thick hairy legs…!@#$%^!&*()_+!

  7. Those are some pretty interesting facts. I know a lot of people who would re-read the Harry potter books right before the next one came out. I prefer to watch TV shows on DVD so I don’t have to wait a week in-between.
    Thanks for tagging me- I’ll post my 10 on Monday 🙂

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