Your Health!

Welcome to Slàinte Sundays where I give a toast to and share those posts I enjoyed during the week.

Here are a few of fun ones…

First up, Marcia Richards post on uber sexy shoes. I just bought a pair of black, shiny heels for work and even though I wasn’t feeling so hot the day I first wore them, they cheered me up. It’s amazing what a pair of shoes can do.

Next is Natalie Hartford’s post on the latest in tailgating fashion. I have to say, I literally laughed out loud when I read this post. Very funny, you gotta check it out.

Then Bayard & Holmes, via Piper Bayard’s blog, bring us advice with everything from snoring to where to have your wedding. Very helpful, those two.

Here are a couple on craft…

Kristen Lamb teaches how to keep the story interesting in her post on Drifting in the Doldrums.

Bob Mayer shows us that hard work always pays off using his newest release, The Jefferson Allegiance, as an example.

Here are some thoughtful and heartwarming posts from some of my favorites…

In, “Can you design a room with LOVE?” Jillian Dodd explains the monumental task her daughter has set before her…good luck with that, Jillian!

“Who do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question asked by Barbara McDowell in her post on imagining what life would’ve been like had we made different choices or taken different paths. Very thought-provoking.

Elena Aitken reveals a little about herself…and her oh-so-perfect marriage in her post, “I was a child bride.” Everyone loves a good romance, Elena 😉

Diana strikes again in introducing us to her friend, Kathleen Mulroy. Kathleen guest posts talking about her struggles with her adopted-daughter, Katie. Once again, I was in tears from reading a post on Diana Murdock’s blog. Thanks for that, Diana.

Now we’ll wrap up with, in my nerdy opinion, the really cool ones…

Gene Lempp delivers yet again in his post, “Shadow and Terror” about the ill-fated voyage of Sir John Franklin and his crew aboard the doomed ships Erebus (Greek god of shadow) and Terror. Spooky and thrilling…I dig it!

To Marcia, Natalie, Bayard & Holmes, Kristen, Bob, Jillian, Barbara, Elena, Diana, and Gene…

Slàinte…your health!


18 thoughts on “Your Health!

  1. Thanks, Kate for including me in such an impressive line up.
    I don’t know about an oh-so perfect marriage. But it’s perfect-enough. I’ll take it!
    Thanks for some great links and cheers to you.

  2. Great mashup Kate. We travel in pretty much the same blogging circles, but there are a few I need to check out. Have a great Labor Day weekend Kate.

  3. Woot woot – thank you so much for the shout out Kate!! I really appreciate the blog luv and I can’t wait to check out all your the links. Thanks for pulling them all together!

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