Oh those Sherbrooke men!

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Today, let’s talk about Catherine Coulter’s Bride series, featuring the Sherbrooke family. Ms. Coulter (I just cannot call her “Catherine,” it would be much too forward of me…) is one of THE most talented and riveting authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Her humor and wit are a hallmark of her stories. If you have ever read her works, then you know what I mean because each one is truly unforgettable.

One of a myriad reasons Catherine Coulter is my hero is due to the fact that she writes in multiple genres. She has an intense and satisfying FBI Series, each novel features returning characters from a previous book. It’s non-stop action, mysteries and romance. Definitely check them out. Ms. Coulter also has contemporary romance, as well as a diverse historical series selection…check those out as well.

Ahem, now, on to our Feature…

The Sherbrooke Bride introduces us to Douglas Sherbrooke. As head of the family, he must marry and produce an heir; a typical conflict for the Regency male.  I was hooked right from the start by this intriguing and down to earth family. Alexandra Chambers is our heroine, and also happens to be madly in love with Douglas…unfortunately, he’s chosen her sister to marry. Eek! Somehow, by the time they exchange the “I Do’s,” Doug finds himself married to the wrong lass…what’s an Earl to do?

Next, you’ll journey to Jamaica in The Hellion Bride, which gives us Ryder Sherbrooke – a first-rate rake with some pretty heavy secrets, and Sophia Stanton-Greville. Sophia is used to men falling at her feet in adoration and satisfying her every whim, so imagine her surprise when Ryder simply does not comply.  And, c’mon, Jamaica? Can you get more romantic?

Finally, it’s Sinjun’s turn. Sinjun Sherbrooke, the charming and adorable younger sister of Douglas and Ryder, manages to convince Colin Kinross to elope with her, which isn’t too difficult a task since he just happens to have need of an heiress. They travel to Scotland where they marry and settle in Colin’s drafty, old castle. Did I mention there were ghosts? Oh yes, there are ghosts…

The Bride series is actually fairly long, 10 books total, with another coming out in the fall. Why don’t I give you some time to get through these first three before I move on to the rest? Oh, and mark your calendars, the latest Sherbrooke novel scheduled to release this November is Prince of Ravenscar. Now that sounds like fun!

Check out Catherine Coulter’s entire works here.

So talk to me. Have you read Catherine Coulter before? Which book was your favorite? What book or books have you read recently that you just couldn’t put down? Share…you never know who you might inspire!

19 thoughts on “Oh those Sherbrooke men!

  1. These sound like fun, Kate! I’ll have to download them and add them to my growing TBR pile. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I hate to tell you this but I’ve always got a book in progress and all but one has been marvelous. I’ve been reading Hannah Howell–I can’t believe it but I’ve never read them before! I’ve been reading Vonda Sinclair’s two books and now that they’re done I can’t wait to read the third in the series–that has yet to be written. I’ve also read Pat McDermott’s two books that have been released so far. They’re beyond breathtaking in their excitement level. I can’t wait to read the third one of them.

  2. I’ve been reading Catherine Coulter for YEARS. About 16 years ago, I started out with the Star and Fire series, then the Sherbrooke Bride. It is my favorite book of hers. I sent her a letter as a fan, and she responded right away. She lived in Hawaii at the time. I was floored she responded and thrilled.
    She is an exceptional lady and her nice letter raised her even higher in my esteem. I contacted her last year, and bless her heart, she responded again.
    The Sherbrooke series have all new covers. Love the new look. Everything she writes is great. If you like historicals, read her earlier works. You’ll love them.
    Samanthya Wyatt

    1. Samantha…you’re a girl after my own heart. I cut my teeth reading Catherine Coulter…I started on the Bride series, but I’ve worked my way through all of her book through the years. I can’t get enough of her. I’ve e-mailed her a few times and like you, was TOTALLY shocked when she not only responded, but did so at 7am the NEXT MORNING. Not only that, but her e-mails are always personalized. She’s an inspiration for me; not only do I eventually want to write in multiple genres, but I also want to be that kind of author – one who appreciates all of her fans and takes the time to show each and every one of them.

  3. The historical books are fun even if a few make me quirk an eyebrow. Ship captains couldn’t marry any one and a marriage by a smuggling ship captain would be as valid as one conducted by the pot boy. Same with a proxy marriage. Sorry, England had no provision for proxy marriages. Someone might mention that royal brides were married by proxy before they left their home country. The marriages were legal in those countries but as soon as the bride stepped foot in England , a regular Church of Eng;land ceremony was held before the couple lived together.

    I don’t know enough about the workings of the FBI to know if details are wrong so I just enjoy those.
    Coulter’s early books were a bit harder and edgier . In one the man rapes the woman to get her to marry him. IN another he beats her with a riding crop, in another, he rapes his wife while pretending to be someone else.
    She has rewritten most of the early ones making them lighter and funnier. She can write humorous books as well as more edgier ones. Her FBI series is getting deeper into paranormal.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nancy! The great part about fiction is that the writer gets to let their imaginations tell the story. Sometimes its nice to sit back and just enjoy the ride. Not all genres are for everyone…take movies, for example. My husband LOVES horror movies, but I can’t even watch the previews because I get too freaked out. I LOVE period epics, but he’d rather go to sleep than watch them ;p

  4. I have read many of her older western series (bought them in hardcover) and loved the visuals as well as the sex! Cowboys make great heroes. can’t wait to try her newest titles.

  5. Oh, please do move on to the rest. All told, I think The Hellion Bride might have been my fav. I didn’t follow her into contemporaries, either, although I can appreciate that she might have needed a break. Another historical would be just way too much fun!

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